twinning is winning – part 1

twinning is winning – part 1

It goes without saying: good toolmaking needs stringent project management.

Clearly defined stages in project inception and development and well-described interfaces with clearly documented milestones – all these elements provide communication structure, steer the information flow and ensure the quality of tools and services.

LTT project leaders are committed and experienced in multi-project management.  Not least because in 2018 LTT Liesen was successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. And true to form –  there’s a quicker way – the company achieved this in just four months instead of the normal industry practice of 12 months.  So international toolmaking with wide capabilities must rely on particular types of project management.

Strength doesn’t have to be rigid

Strong project management could easily become rigid. In stormy waters and when conditions are unfavourable for projects, a situation which occurs over and over again in global and networked business, project management in normal market practice is often far too rigid to get customers’ projects successfully, quickly and safely to their goals. If they are too rigid, they cannot get challenging projects which have time constraints and which overarch continents and cultures to a successful outcome with the requisite agility and creativity. Then you need more that good project management and clever quality management.

Dependable trust is the raw material needed for success in intercultural business.

LTT LIESEN depends on stable relationships between people. The secret of success is Twinning.  Twinning means working together but not where just 2 people or teams work on the same issue.  So, for example, a team in Germany and a team in China.  That’s just classic teamwork in project management.  It’s important but often falls short in stormy times.