LTT LIESEN 2020 the German quality offensive

LTT LIESEN 2020 the German quality offensive

After a number of very turbulent years of high growth as well as the restructuring of our SV-Liesen toolmaking operations in LTT GmbH we are pleased to inform you that LTT-Liesen is now the proud holder of the DIN ISO 9001-2015 certificate! Certified quality from Döbeln.

The successful certification of our processes shows that our long-standing intercultural path has enabled us to establish a stable and sustainable German-Chinese supply system.

This ensures the quality of our tools for our customers. The centrepiece of this is our certified project management, which we also plan to roll out to China by 2020, with certificate. In our 2020 quality offensive we call this project leader twinning. This means that German and Chinese project leaders work together like twins towards one goal: the quality of your tools. This ensures stable, sustainable project processes in dynamic markets, including in the future.

We have reorganised ourselves and restructured to continue to guarantee our customers the annual production of over 700 tools to German quality standards in the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Good quality calls for good communication. As a consequence, we have completely overhauled our website, In the course of our 2020 quality offensive the web presence will be successfully evolved into an interactive communications medium!

In addition, we now have a collaboration in China with Heck & Becker that significantly expands our options in the field of die casting.

Certificat ISO 9001 : 2015

Here is some more information for you:

Our plastic injection moulding operations: 1K, 2K, 3K, lamination (films & fabrics), hybrid, silicon 1K & 2K, IMD procedure.

With the special technologies: GID, GAD, Smart Foam, Mucel, Co2, Variothermie, Roctool and more.

We can also offer gauge making and handling options.

Automotive reference products: from connectors to ex/in lighting and exterior mirrors & from gears to complete dashboards and bumper.

NON automotive reference products: from light switches to toys and roof ventilation systems.

Inhaltsverzeichnis / Content

Verfahrensinfo für Projektleiter der LTT LIESEN

  • 1. Zweck der Qualitätsoffenisve 2020
  •      Sicherung der prozessübergreifenden Qualität
  • 2. Geltungsbereich der Qualitätsoffensive 2020
  •      Projekt-Twinning Deutschland-China
  • 3. Verantwortlichkeiten
  •      Projektmanagement und Qualitätssicherung in den Projekt-Phasen
  • 4. Verteiler
  •      Ansprechpartner & Wissenslandkarte Projekt Management der LTT LIESEN
  • 5. Durchführung der Qualitätsoffensive
  •      Wie wir bei der LTT Liesen ganz praktisch Qualität & Kundenzufriedenheit sichern, Tag für Tag, jeden Tag.

Quality Procedures for LTT LIESENs Project Manager

  • 1. The Aim of LTT LIESEN Quality Initiative 2020
  •      Continous Process Improvement to optimise the quality of LTTs entire Production Chain, Products and Services
  • 2. Scope of LTT LIESEN Quality inititative 2020
  •      German – China-Project-Management-Twinning
  • 3. Responsibilities
  •      Project Management & Project phase based Quality assurance
  • 4. LTT LIESEN Experts
  •      Contacts & LTT LIESENs Knowledge Map Project Management
  • 5. Operating the Quality Initiative
  •      How to assure Quality & Customer Satisfaction Day by Day, every Day