Fast, flexible, problem-solving

We supply you with the tools to bring you success.

Discover how we can produce a variety of tools for your project simultaneously and supply exactly the numer of units whenever you require them.

We use our intercultural expertise and the power of two markets to move your project forward whether you need a single tool in 20 days or 101 individual tools at the same time.

Discover how we can produce many different tools for your project concurrently and deliver them to you in exactly the unit numbers you require whenever you need them.

Unlike any other company, we are able to produce many individual tools in high unit numbers and deliver them on time wherever you need them because of the production capability of the Chinese market. We can ensure that every single tool is produced according to German standards because we have the right know-how.

We support you at all times with our know-how and our dependable technical analysis when many large tool series are in production.  We also advise you on how to optimise new and subsequent tools.


Innovative, inquisitive, committed. We supply the know-how which makes you successful.



Structured, competent, strong on relationships. Brand-quality service provision